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Keltgens, Inc. has been a leader in narrow row farming for over 25 years. Tall Tires have been used on all kinds of agricultural equipment in many different situations. Our wheel packages are used in 15", 20", 22", 25", 28", 30" and 36" rows.

Tall Tires can be made for many different types of equipment. We offer the flexibility to make wheel kits fit the customers needs and the needs of the equipment. Keltgens, Inc. offers special offsets for different length tractor axles to provide the correct spacing for the wheels and tires without adding extra parts to make the wheels fit.

We are able to achieve the special offsets by using spun disc steel wheel centers. The discs are available in 1/2", 5/8" and 3/4" thick and with diameters for wheels up to 54". Our discs are manufactured by using a spinning process that produces a disc with a greater amount of draw than the more popular stamping process. During the spinning process, the material is work hardened, meaning the steel molecules are compressed, not stretched like stamped or formed steel. 

Call Keltgens, Inc. to get more information about Tall Tires for your farm equipment. We can set your tractors, sprayers and other farm equipment with narrow tires and wheels for your agricultural needs.

Tractor Showcase

Tractor Stompers

Protect tractor tracks and tires from stubble damage with tractor Tractor Stalk Stompers. Tractor Stalk Stompers work off existing hydraulics and are robust and versatile compared to other competitors. Tractor Stalk Stompers are designed for quick assembly and installation because there is no drilling or welding required and is built around a standard 4” X 4” tube.

Tall Tires - Narrow

Keltgens, Inc. manufactures tall narrow tire and wheel packages to fit your equipment down narrow rows. By doing this growers minimize crop damage. The custom built wheels are made to fit your tractor to provide the correct spacing without adding extra parts and pieces to make wheels fit.

Flotation Tires

Flotation tires are primarily used in tillage applications for better traction and floatation across wet land. Keltgens, Inc. has the capability to set up your tractor with our custom built wheels to reach all of your tillage needs. From a utility tractor to a 4WD, we can get the job done fast.

Fast Turn Around

Over the years Keltgens, Inc. has built a well-known reputation for producing a high quality product designed to fit your application in a short amount of time. Keltgens, Inc. has the advantage of being able to make a custom wheel package in approximately 2 weeks or less from the time of order.